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Let's All Cheer the Seaport's Super-Elliptical Office Tower

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We don't normally cover office construction that much, but the forthcoming commercial tower at 121 Seaport Boulevard had us doing a serious double-take and then applauding. So much of what is going up in Boston is rather bland and homogenous, ruthlessly sleek and shiny. Boring, in other words. Sure, there are rivulets and grooves here and there, the sorts that make architects' hearts flutter; but, to most of us, the newer towers against the skyline and those planned for it appear to be all of the same breed and that breed is rectangular gray. This 17-story, 425,000-square-foot, Class A office tower is something else entirely. Designed by CBT Architects, it's essentially an elliptical rising from a two-story base. Part of this is a genuine push to make it non-boring. Another part is purely practical: The MBTA Silver Line tunnel runs under the northeast corner of the property. Developer Skanska USA is hosting an official groundbreaking July 9, and hopes to line up an anchor tenant shortly. Stay tuned.
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