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Meet Industrial Designer Joy Mangano, The Inventor of the Miracle Mop

"My name's Joy, by the way" exclaims Jennifer Lawrence in the recently released trailer for Joy. Of course, Lawrence is referring to Joy Mangano, the peddler of Miracle Mops and queen of infomercials. Joy Mangano's industrial design career is all too easily dismissed as mere frivolity, but this film—originally scripted by Annie Mumolo and directed by David O. Russell—is poised to change all that. Set to debut on Christmas Day, Joy boasts an formidable cast: Bradley Cooper will play an HSN executive, while Robert De Niro takes on the role of Mangano's father. But, don't let the glamorous Hollywood pedigree fool you—Joy, by charting the turbulent entrepreneurial rise of a female designer—and single mother—from Long Island, is nothing short of radical.

In that spirit, let's get to know Joy Mangano a little better. >>