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Remaking Dot's Columbia Road; Mercury Levels in Mass. Water

MASS.-WIDE—Do not eat that thing you caught at Jamaica Pond: "Mercury emissions from major Massachusetts sources have declined by 90 percent over the past two decades, but mercury levels in the state's freshwater fish hold stubbornly high, with many species too contaminated for pregnant women and children to eat." [WGBH]
DORCHESTER—Parks guru Frederick Law Olmsted back in the late 1890s laid out never-fulfilled plans for what he called "Dorchesterway, a boulevard as grand and as graceful as the Back Bay Fens and the Arborway, two of his other cherished creations. More than a century later, Boston 2024 is vowing to resurrect Olmsted's plans, and elevate humble, sun-baked Columbia Road into the pantheon of parks, as part of the group's push to bring the Summer Olympics to Boston." [Globe]