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Clippership Wharf Condos to Join Eastie Development Boom

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'Tis no secret a relative ton of new apartments and hotel rooms are going up in East Boston. Yet the neighborhood has not seen as much new condo development of late. That is set to change thanks to the Boston Redevelopment Authority's approval late last week of Clippership Wharf.

The fresh complex is due to include up to 492 apartment and condos, plus 300 parking spaces and flourishes such as a fitness center and a canoe/kayak-rental facility. To further sweeten the deal, Cassin/Winn Development plans to add 1,381 feet of promenade along the Harbor. Clippership Wharf at one point had been slated to be entirely condos and it's not entirely clear what the ratio of apartments to condos will be. Stay tuned.
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