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Get Ready for Congress Square in Downtown Boston

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Everyone's favorite cautionary tale, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, approved late last week the downtown Boston project known as Congress Square. It's big.

The project would involve six different buildings as well as a publicly accessible plaza of nearly 44,000 square feet connecting surrounding streets. The buildings all totaled would encompass 458,300 square feet; and would include retail, restaurants, office space, 35 condos at 15 Congress Street, and a 133-room boutique hotel at 68 Devonshire Street. Related Beal, the lead developer on the project (they're the same folks bringing you the car-less Lovejoy Wharf), wants the whole shebang to have a kind of "European-style arcade" feel about it, according to documents filed with the BRA. We'll see what happens.
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Lovejoy Wharf

131 Beverly Street, Boston, MA

68 Devonshire Street

68 Devonshire Street, Boston, MA