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How to Live in Less Than 400 Square Feet in Somerville

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'Tis no area of Greater Boston hotter right now than Somerville. Yet it's also among the area's priciest cities-slash-towns-slash-neighborhoods. What to do if you want to buy in and $500 or more a square foot seems weird and scary? Go small, of course. Unit 10 at 10 Roberts Street near Magoun Square looks to be not only the cheapest condo on Somerville's sales market right now, but likeliest its smallest, too. The 387-square-foot condo is a proper 1-BR, 1-BA (no fake walls or alcoves here). It hit the market about a month ago and wants $219,900. Actually, that's more than $500 a square foot. Somerville, ladies and gentlemen, circa 2015.
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