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Glass-Curtain Wall for Boston City Hall; Vancouver Example

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GOVERNMENT CENTER—Like a tinted glass-curtain wall, say. Harry Bartnick has an idea for beautifying the City Hall the world loves to hate: "To satisfy those preservationists and future generations who might hold a kinder view of the building, why can't we make changes that are easily reversible, while simultaneously acting to protect and preserve the structure?" [Globe]
BOSTON—Speaking about his time at the recent Vatican conference on climate change and poverty, Mayor Marty Walsh noted one city in particular he's looking to emulate: "'I think Vancouver is a city we have some parallels with,' Walsh said. 'I was talking to the mayor of Vancouver, and really, his is a growing city like ours, he has high-tech industry coming there, a struggle with housing, moderate, low-income housing, so we talked about those issues.'" [WGBH]

Boston City Hall

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