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Cleveland Circle Development Moves Forward with Big Tweak

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The redevelopment of Cleveland Circle's old Circle Cinema in the Brighton-Boston borderlands has taken pretty much forever. Original plans to throw up a hotel, 92 apartments and retail ran headlong into opposition from neighbors skittish about the possibility of ever more college students in the area (Boston College is right nearby). How did developers the Boston Development Group and National Development Group assuage concerns? By proposing to make the 92 apartments open only to older folk ("age-restricted" in real estate parlance to those 60 and over). The shift worked: The opposition largely fell away and the Boston Redevelopment Authority recently approved the Cleveland Circle redo.
The project is now slated to include those 92 units of active-senior housing plus a 162-room Hilton Garden Inn (one of so many new hotels going up in Boston) and 14,000 square feet of retail as well as 188 parking spaces. A dozen of the apartments are designated as affordable. The development will run to two buildings with a pedestrian-friendly plaza in between. Everything's supposed to be wrapped by the end of 2016.
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