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Monster Ski Ramp in Fenway; Dorchester Traffic Concerns

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FENWAY—One of the tiniest Major League Baseball stadiums will host a big ski and snowboarding competition come February: A ramp descending from center field to home plate will reportedly peak at 110 feet high, or about three times taller than the Green Monster. The ramp will cover some seats, but most, including Monster seats, will be available for viewing aerial feats. [Curbed Ski]
DORCHESTER—There's one issue in particular that could chill local support for the 384-unit Dot Block: "Once the BRA and representatives from the DOT BLOCK's architectural team, Boston Transportation Department and the developer, Atlas Investment Group, presented multiple public benefits that will come into fruition as a consequence of building out the site, Dorchester resident after Dorchester resident raised their hand and expressed serious concern about traffic flow on Dorchester Avenue." [BostInno]

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