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Boston's 2024 Olympics Bid May Be Kaput Unless...

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The United States Olympic Committee is meeting today and will discuss Boston's oft-revised, oft-criticized bid to host the 2024 Summer Games. Things don't look good. "We need to know how [Boston] is doing and if the people of the city are interested in hosting the Games," a member of the committee told the Herald. Translation: The uncertainty is making the USOC skittish about putting the region forth as the U.S. contender.

To dash that uncertainty, the USOC wants to hear from Gov. Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh—and they want to have heard from them yesterday. Per the Globe: "USOC members want the popular governor to endorse the bid, the person close to the process said, which could breathe new life and credibility into the city's effort. The board is also pressuring Walsh, an Olympic backer, to announce that he will sign the host city contract required by the International Olympic Committee, which would put city taxpayers on the hook if the Games ran short of money or suffered cost overruns, the person said."

Neither leader is committing just yet—Baker wants to hear from a consultant the state hired and Walsh says he wants to make sure the city is protected from any big payout before he signs the contract. Meanwhile, another major American city is just waiting in the wings to snatch Boston's torch should the USOC balk. That same committee member: "L.A. is perpetually ready. It can host with only two years' notice."

Bully for them.
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