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Five would-be Olympic changes we'll miss the most

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The Boston area will not be hosting the 2024 Summer Games, according to a joint statement late Monday from the United States Olympic Committee and the private group trying to bring the contest here. Still, we can dream, can't we? The push to land the Games spawned all sorts of bold and bizarre ideas for Greater Boston, including—and especially—myriad new development. Let's take a look back, then, at what might have been had the Games ended up hereabouts nine years from now.

Somerville Velodrome
There were plans to build a permanent, 5,000-seat velodrome, or bike-racing arena, on the banks of the Mystic at Assembly Square, but Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone and others quickly put the kibosh on that.

Olympic Stadium
The arena in Widett Circle was supposed to seat 60,000 and would have obviously stuck around post-Games.

Widett Circle
Speaking of Widett/Midtown: It was due for an epic makeover contingent on the Games. We're talking hundreds of new residential units plus massive amounts of new hotel, office and retail space.

Columbia Point
The Dorchester area was also slated for a serious Olympics-driven reboot with some 4 million square feet of development.

The T
The worst winter in eons walloped the region's transit system, no doubt about that. There was much talk at one point about how knowing the Games were on their way would force major decisions and changes re: the T's quality and reliability. Never mind.

What possibilities will you miss? If any?
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Assembly Square Mall

177 Middlesex Avenue, Somerville, MA