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Go Time for M.I.T.'s Six-Building Revamp in Kendall Square

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We've known for a while about the big plans M.I.T. has for Kendall Square. The university commenced those changes on Tuesday with an official submission at Cambridge City Hall.

All total, what M.I.T. calls the Kendall Square Initiative (not to be confused with ConnectKendall!) is slated to include six new buildings; 740 apartments over two of those buildings, or 500 net new housing units, including affordable housing and graduate-student residences; 100,000 square feet of new and repositioned ground-floor retail; nearly 1 million square feet of office and research space; three acres of plazas and parkland; and the retention of some 800K square feet of existing capacity for future academic use. Everything is supposed to be done in the next six to 10 years. Stay tuned.
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Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA