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Cambridge's Biggest Home Sale So Far This Year

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The more than 13,000-square-foot Colonial-style mansion at 30 Gerrys Landing Road near Cambridge's Mount Auburn Cemetery dropped on the sales market about three months ago asking $6,700,000. Its girth is what made it gobsmacking: the said square-footage, plus the 16 potential bedrooms and the six full bathrooms (plus two halves). It also came with a four-car garage and sat on almost an acre of land. The whole shebang found a buyer relatively quickly and now a seismic deal for 30 Gerrys Landing has closed. In the end, the estate went for a cool $7,500,000—or a whopping $800K over the asking price. That is more than enough to make 30 Gerrys Landing the biggest home trade in Cambridge so far this year.
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