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All Aboard the Orange Line, Brought to You by Wynn Everett

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BOSTON/MALDEN/EVERETT—Another bit of sugar to make the casino-resort go down easy: "Wynn Resorts has announced that it will pay the MBTA approximately $7.36 million over 15 years for Orange Line improvements that will be in place when the $1.7 billion Wynn Resort in Everett opens its doors. The agreement marks the first time in the history of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that a private developer will subsidize MBTA operations." [Curbed Boston]
JAMAICA PLAIN—Prices at the brand-new condo start at $729,000: "The buildings at 55 and 57 Wachusett have three units ranging from 1,939 to 1,993 square feet. The third building at 59 Wachusett has two condos, which will be slightly larger, and each has one garage and one outdoor parking space." [Herald]