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Boston Has Biggest Yards Among Major Northeast Cities

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The first part of this shouldn't be too surprising but the second part is: A new Zillow analysis of median yard sizes in 100 of the nation's biggest cities found that Boston homeowners have some of the smallest in America—yet the biggest in the Northeast.

The median yard size in Boston is 4,918 square feet. That pales against some of the cities further up on Zillow's list, including No. 1: Yards in Lawrenceville, Ga., near Atlanta, have a median size of 14,375 square feet, or nearly one third of an acre. Tied for No. 2 were the North Carolina cities of Winston-Salem and Fayetteville with a median size of 13,939 square feet. In fact, if you don't include Maryland (and we don't), the Northeast in general doesn't really make an appearance on the list of 100 until Boston at No. 84. That's something.