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Transit-Oriented Development for JP, Roxbury, Southie; More!

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SOMERVILLE—The city wants to do something with the forbidding underpass that separates its hot, hot, hot Assembly Row from the rest of town: "The truth is ESMS and WalkBoston, who have partnered together for neighborhood walks and various local programming efforts to advocate for smarter pedestrian thruways in the city, are looking at multiple scenarios for how best to revamp the underpass including the Infra-Space endeavor. Infra-Space, it seems, could provide the most fruitful yield." [BostInno]
BOSTON—How best to build along Dorchester Avenue in Southie? Or in the Washington Street-Columbus Avenue corridor of JP and Roxbury? The Boston Redevelopment Authority is looking into. After all, "both of which are experiencing market pressures to transform former industrial or underutilized sites into vibrant mixed-use developments that can better meet neighborhood needs." [BRA]

Assembly Row

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