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Widett Circle Is Getting Redeveloped One Way or Another

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Last week the private group trying to bring the 2024 Summer Olympics to Boston unveiled an ambitious plan to redevelop the Widett Circle area into a residential-retail-commercial wonderland directly related to the Games—one that would live on, however, after the athletes skip town. What if Boston—gasp!—doesn't land the Olympics? Will Widett Circle (a.k.a. Midtown) still get redeveloped?

Take it away, Jon Chesto at the Globe: "With or without the 2024 Olympics, the industrial area between South Boston and the South End is going to be remade into a new neighborhood. So said Mayor Martin J. Walsh, who is determined to see the area known as Widett Circle redeveloped to continue the kind of growth that has transformed other parts of Boston." Hizzoner is not just keen on the new housing, hotel rooms and office space. A redeveloped Widett Circle could spawn as much as $100 million in annual tax revenue. Stay tuned.
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