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A Mighty Big Cut for Beacon Hill's Redone 60 Chestnut Street

The 3,282-square-foot Federal-style townhouse at 60 Chestnut Street first beguiled us in mid-April, when it dropped on the sales market following a major renovation. That redo left it with flourishes such as a master suite that took up the entire third floor (and featured the bathroom you see above) and reclaimed marble mantle fireplaces. Its asking price was a cool $5,650,000—or $1,721 and change a square foot and significantly more than the $3,315,000 the property claimed in March 2013. That formidable tag has come down quite a bit. The asking price for 60 Chestnut is now $5,480,000. That's $171K off the original and one of Boston's biggest price-chops in months. Stay tuned.
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