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How Boston Measures Up Around the World. Just How Big Is It?

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Boston is so dense. No, not like that. The city has plenty of intellectuals spilling out of its city boundaries. But those very boundaries are what interest the folks at Sparefoot, the self-storage urban analysts who have taken the official map limits of Boston to see just what size it clocks in at, relatively speaking.

The city is quite dense, of course. The peculiarly satisfying way in which Boston balances its old world charm with its growing city dynamism is one reason why its becoming a popular option for those who are looking to move away from suburbia.

Compared to NYC, we're lean and mean in every way. Washington DC is a sister city of sorts, because it is similar in the main measurements used in the analysis: population, land area in square miles, and population density. On those three numbers as shown below, the cities are on even footing. We're just kind of messier looking, in terms of where we draw the lines (though DC has been looking mighty irregular since it lost a significant portion of its original diamond).

You can see how it stacks up to international cities on their site.

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