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Chiofaro Speaks Publicly About Long-Awaited Support to Build

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After a contracted freeze in the Menino era, developer Don Chiofaro finally got a greenlight to build a development that is no larger than 900,000 s.f. and 600 feet high (a height that is three times the current limit). While Chiofaro wanted to build 1.3 million square feet of retail, office, and condos, he did get a major blessing.

Which is why the Globe thought it was odd that Chiofaro stayed silent after the celebratory news came out a few weeks ago. But all is well with a phone call. Even though it was a few minutes long, it shows that Walsh is not getting the cold shoulder from Chiofaro. And given that Walsh used to work for Chiofaro as a young union laborer in building International Place, Chiofaro's one and only building, they have a long history.

And so the story continues, as the magic formula develops for the site. What's it going to be? A combination of condos, offices, and restaurants with an ice skating rink? Shopping? Condos? A statue of the Mayor?

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