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Greater Boston Towns Where Half the Homes Cost $1M-Plus

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ORIENT HEIGHTS—It will join a plethora of Eastie construction: "A development entity named Velkor Realty Trust has proposed a 44-unit residential complex spanning 49,000 square feet at 1181-1183 Bennington Street in East Boston's Orient Heights neighborhood." [Biz Journal]
HUB-WIDE—There are several towns and cities in Greater Boston where half the homes now cost more than $1M, according to the Mass. Association of Realtors: "Brookline had the highest median price of any community in the state, weighing in at $1.6 million, followed by Cambridge, Weston and Lincoln, all at $1.4 million ... Wellesley followed at $1.2 million and Belmont at an even $1 million, with Lexington just under the $1 million mark, down at $965,000." []