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Here Are the Prices for the South End's New Siena Condo

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Siena at the Ink Block (and its snazzy rooftop bar) is the newest development to join the building boomlet echoing throughout the South End's northeastern corner, a boomlet that includes the Ink Block rental buildings and the complex's earlier Sepia condo. The 79 condos at the unfinished Siena have just started dropping on the sales market and we have the eye-popping details.

These five units are representative of what Siena is asking:
· Unit 804
This is a 2-BR, 2-BA, 1,713-square-foot penthouse asking $2,173,000. That's $1,268 a square foot, give or take.
· Unit 212
This one's a studio: 574 square feet and asking $645K or $1,123 a square foot.
· Unit 112
A 1-BR, 1-BA spread over 747 square feet, it wants $745,000. That's just under $1K a foot.
· Unit 210
Another 1-BR one floor up, this unit comes with an extra full bathroom and is 837 square feet. It wants $897,000 or a little more than $1K a foot also.
· Unit 505
This number's a 2-BR, 2-BA spread over 1,255 square feet and with a tag of $1,256,000. That's around $1,000 a foot on the nose.
What'd you think? Only exterior renderings to go by so far. Any interior construction shots more than welcome through the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline. Stay tuned. This corner of Boston never disappoints.
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