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L.A. Going Hard for Olympics; Steve Wynn So Over Marty Walsh

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BOSTON/EVERETT—Boy, would-be Everett casino developer Steve Wynn sure does not like Boston Mayor Marty Walsh (though we suspect the feeling is mutual): 'I've had enough of Mayor Walsh,' Wynn declared during a telephone interview. 'I can't negotiate with him. The man is obviously irresponsible,' he added later in our conversation. And followed up with this: 'The mayor has to get off his butt.'" [Globe]
BEYOND THE HUB—They'll be breaking out the craft cocktails and coke spoons in the City of Angels soon: "In an interview with The Times' editorial board Monday morning, Mayor Eric Garcetti said he is pushing in his effort to secure L.A.'s slot as the U.S. bidder. The opportunity opened up unexpectedly last month after Boston, which the USOC chose as host city over L.A. in January, backed out amid concerns about financial risk associated with the Games." [LA Times]