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Liberty Tree Lofts Remake Space Formerly Known as the RMV

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You know what we need more of in this fair city? Housing. This statement was brought to you by Captain Obvious. But when more options arrive of any sort, they're still welcome.

Which is why we're paying attention to new places to call home, like this sign that has plastered the large windows of the site formerly known as the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

It looks like it will now be the address for the Liberty Tree Lofts.

The Liberty Tree Lofts sit at the site of an historic landmark. In the revolution era, an elm tree stood in front of a grocery store, which was the center of business in Boston's original South End. Because there were several large elms nearby, this area was originally known as the Neighborhood of Elms.

Early dissenters of British rule were known to meet at the central elm, becoming known as the Sons of Liberty. On August 14, 1765, men who favored passage of the hated Stamp Act were hung in effigy on this tree. Eventually, Loyalists cut the tree down, and the name changed from the Liberty Tree to the Liberty Stump. But it remains as a site of major defiance.

And 1966, the tragic Paramount Hotel gas explosion happened here. But enough of the history lessons. Back to the present day.

The five story building, like most new development in the city, will be mixed use. Bank of America is coming to the corner, taking up the first two floors (or at least part of the second floor). Maybe they'll share space with Dunkin' Donuts. According to Loopnet, there is 35,000 s.f. available for office space that's subdividable to 5,000 s.f. for creative and retail space.

As the flagship building of Thibeault Development's FIDI portfolio of three properties (including 103 Arch St and 153 Milk St), there are apartments planned, too. On the third floor, there are 11 units. Studios range from 425-495 s.f., and range in price from $2300 to $2500. A sample rendering of unit 301, priced at $2400 per month, is below.

Ready to move in sometime soonish? Your neighbors will include 660 Washington, The Kensington, Walgreens, CVS, The Ritz, and St. Francis House.

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