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Wayfinding in South Boston: All Roads Lead to the BCEC

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Hey pedestrians of Fort Point, Innovation District and Seaport origins: how is it to get around? Gotten lost or otherwise discouraged trying to find your way? If so, then the signage program is probably a good thing for you.

These aforementioned signs signal four pathways that branch out from the building known as the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC), leading to Liberty Wharf, Fan Pier, South Station, and the adjacent area of Lawn on D.

The measure has resulted from the South Boston Waterfront Sustainable Transportation Plan, which aims to improve transit in the waterfront area and builds upon the success of the BCEC. It's no secret that traffic has gotten pretty bad there; one coping strategy is to get people to out of their cars.

Given that the report anticipates walking (over biking and driving) to be the most popular way of getting around for those who live, work, and play there, this signage program makes some sense.

The signs, which look like this, are part of a pilot program that will be up through October.

If you've used these to get around, the BRA wants feedback online with hashtag #WalkSBW.

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