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Boston 311 Connects You Directly to Report Issues to City Hall

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Mayor Marty Walsh announced the launch of Boston 311 to open a direct line of communication to City Hall while also improving delivery of City services.

Boston 311 can be accessed anywhere, anytime within city limits from both landlines and cellphones.

To be used for non-emergencies, the kinds of things you can report are related to city fixits: clean the streets, pick up needles, dispose of a large item, remove graffiti (was it you who removed the Banksy in Chinatown?), repair a pothole, pay a parking ticket, and report a broken street sign, signal, or street lamp.

Some offices need to be routed to allow calls to 311. Give it a shot to see if it works for you. If not, try 617-635-4500, which was the Mayor's 24-hour hotline.

If you're not into phones, there are other ways to get stuff done, like the BOS:311 mobile app; Twitter @BOS311 (particularly useful to see the list of requests); or City Hall To Go, Boston's mobile city services truck. If you're really antsy, you can saunter into the Mayor's Office of Constituent Service on the 5th Floor of City Hall, weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

When you've reported your case, you can track it online on a not-so-pretty-but-functional page.

The most compelling case that's been reported? That's number 101001103465: Someone is throwing tea in the harbor. What's a city going to do?

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