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Quinzani's Bakery Will Shut Down in a Week and Counting

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Things come and go. Especially when they're bakeries in the South End. In this case, Quinzani's Bakery, a multigenerational establishment, will close its doors in Boston.

Quinzani's first opened in 1918 as a pastry shop in the (affectionately named) old Combat Zone by two Italian immigrants, Libero and Ovideo Quinzani. They moved to 380 Harrison Ave. about five decades ago, according to the Globe. After they shut down, South End establishments and the other 800 clients will need to find a new bread source.

Calise & Sons Bakery of Lincoln, R.I., will take over Quinzani's business and will make most of the bakery's products in conjunction with Piantedosi Baking Co. in Malden. What will take its place? Loft housing to complement the new Troy Boston apartment?

Say goodbye to a tiny piece of leavened history.

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