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Somerville's 197 Union Square Reaching Sales Tipping Point

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Sales for the 30 1- and 2-BR condos at the under-development 197 Union Square in Somerville started in early July. Just off the similarly named piazza, the complex at 197 Washington Street includes a roof terrace, a fitness center and a so-called "solar lounge" as well as parking for select units. Ten of the condos found buyers pretty darn fast—within two weeks, though no deals have closed yet. Nearly two months out now, how many sales are we talking about in this residential bellwether for one of the region's fastest-changing areas?

The Collaborative Companies, the marketing firm for 197 Union Square, tells us that the development is now more than half sold. Stay tuned for closing prices. To satiate your curiosity a bit as to what those totals might be, above is the floorplan for a 1,061-square-foot 2-BR, 2-BA asking $695,000.
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