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Millennium Tower's 'Vertical Assembly Line'; Olympics Report

DOWNTOWN CROSSING—Tim Logan has a fabulous rundown of what it's taking to put up Millennium Tower, perhaps Boston's most impactful building of the modern era (maybe): "On this 'vertical assembly line,' as project superintendent Rich Michaels calls it, lower floors are finished before the upper ones are enclosed. The process is so fast that some new residents will be cooking in their multimillion-dollar condos while painters touch up the top floors." [Globe]
HUB-WIDE—About those Boston Olympics that will never be: Things would have gotten expensive for the city and the state real, real fast and a lot of the proposed development might never have materialized. That is according to a new consultancy study. "The report also concludes that the economic impact for the state, both in terms of job creation and incremental improvement to gross state product, would have been minimal at best." So there. Dodged a bullet and all that. [Biz Journal]

Millennium Tower

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