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Southern Suburbs' Soaring Rents; Airbnb Boston Regulations

HUB-WIDE—Tenants can't catch a break, apparently: "Average rents have climbed almost 10 percent in the past year in Boston's southern suburbs — a belt of towns running from Plymouth to Franklin — according to figures released last week by the real estate data firm Axiometrics. That is twice as fast as in the region as a whole and much faster than in pricier markets such as central Boston and Brookline." [Globe]
MASS-WIDE—Some lawmakers are pushing legislation that would more tightly regulate home-sharing sites such as Airbnb, given that more than 1 in 10 Boston users of that particular are advertising multiple listings as if they're landlords or hoteliers. "Another concern: that landlords and investors seeking more profits are turning traditional housing into short-term units, further reducing the housing supply in Boston's already tight real estate market." [Globe]