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This Malden Victorian Just Sold for Six Figures Over Its Asking

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The sales route of the 2,078-square-foot Victorian at 15 Gould Avenue in Malden near Malden Center is surely a sign of the times. The 4-BR, 1.5-BA was listed in late May for $400,000 even. It had last sold way back in May 2008 for $362,000. Based on that and the asking (and the grainy listing photos) it would be expected to fetch around that $400K mark, correct? Nothing that far below, certainly, and nothing too much over—if it went over at all. The house, however, ended up trading for a rather precise $518,200 in a deal that closed Aug. 18. That is $118,200 over the asking—and some $156K and change over 15 Gould's going rate in 2008. So... scratch Malden Center off your list?
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