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Children's Hospital to Finally Get Its Bridge Over Longwood

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Boston Children's Hospital has been trying to build a pedestrian bridge over Longwood Avenue for at least 12 years and may finally get its wish.

The hospital just filed plans with the Boston Redevelopment Authority for the $23 million expanse, which would connect the visitor parking garage with the hospital—and thus spare visitors the dash across a Longwood spot where roughly 1,000 cars an hour zoom. Why file now? The hospital has a bit of an ace up its sleeve this go-round. City Hall had nixed previous bridge plans because it worried about any deleterious effects on street life. City Hall's current king, Mayor Marty Walsh, however, "effectively lived at Children's for four years as a cancer-stricken kid," according to the Globe's Melissa Bailey, and is apparently green-lighting the project. Designed by architects about town Elkus Manfredi, the bridge could be in place by early 2017.
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