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Lechmere Station Delay Possible; South Bay Center Plans

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EAST CAMBRIDGE—The new Lechmere Station nearer to booming NorthPoint could be in jeopardy because of the whole Green Line extension kerfuffle: "The station [rendered above] isn't being added to the system, but is an existing station—the only Green Line stop in a city served mainly by the Red Line—that is being relocated. And it had a rough completion date: December 2017. How that will change is unclear..." [Day]
DORCHESTER—The big-time proposed addition to South Bay Center got a public airing and results were mixed: "While many attendees expressed cautious support for the project, which would expand the Mall by almost 10 acres of land near Dorchester's northern edge, some pushed against what they saw as a potentially inconvenient combination of roadways, parking structures, surrounding residences, and retail space." [Reporter]