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100 Pier 4 Cultural Anchor; Boston Tax-Break Bonanza

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SEAPORT—The fun has just begun for the Society of Arts and Crafts, which won the chance to set up shop in the brand-new 100 Pier 4 complex: "The 118-year-old Boston nonprofit — dedicated to the creation, collection and promotion of contemporary craft artists — plans to be ensconced ... by next summer. ... It is estimated it will cost $1.6 million to outfit the two levels of new space encompassing 20,000 square feet, and SAC hopes to raise $3.2 million over the next several years." [Herald]
BOSTON—The city only recently began tracking how much all of these are costing taxpayers: "The City of Boston has granted some 140 tax breaks for about 600 parcels of land over the past several decades, a Globe review has found, but officials say they do not know how many millions of dollars the city is forfeiting." [Globe]

Pier 4

140 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA