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Pay for the Privilege of Creating One Humongous Boston Loft

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The newest listing from 717 Atlantic Avenue in Boston's Leather District is quite upfront about the whole thing: "The buyer should be willing to design and configure adjacent Units 8A and 8B to their specifications and absorb the construction costs associated." In other words, what you have here is the opportunity to combine two capacious penthouse lofts into one very capacious penthouse loft, complete with plenty of roof deck (around 2,000 square feet, in fact). The combined unit would run to nearly 2,900 interior square feet and have four bedrooms as well as two full bathrooms. But what would it cost just to acquire them, before the contractors even set foot inside? The two units want $1,999,000 total. And! Parking across the street is extra for about $480 a month. Worth it?
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