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Cheapest, Priciest Greater Boston Areas to Rent an Apartment

First things first: The latest rental report from search site Zumper, using data from the vacant and available apartments it tracked in July, shows Greater Boston in a familiar spot among the nation's major regions in terms of 1-BR median rents. We're again third behind San Francisco and New York with a median rent last month of $2,250. Now how do individual neighborhoods across the region stack up in terms of 1- and 2-BRs?

Busy, busy Kendall Square was the priciest area last month to rent a 1-BR, with a median of $3,300. The Leather District/Chinatown was the priciest for 2-BRs, with a median of $4,510. As you can see from the above chart (click to enlarge), things drop off rather significantly once you get beyond the priciest spots. For instance, nearly $800 a month separates the 1-BR median rents between No. 1 Kendall and No. 10 Cambridgeport. And 2-BRs in Harvard Square are positively, relatively dirt cheap. Have at it. And get at us over the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline with your own tales of apartment-hunting this summer. We'll publish the most harrowing/informative ones.
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