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Might This Building Be the Biggest Grinch of Allston Christmas?

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The annual collegiate move-in blizzard known as Allston Christmas is winding down and the City of Boston's stepped-up building-code enforcement regimen has claimed its first big kills: the owner and the manager of 74 Chester Street in Allston itself, which racked up more than 60 code violations, including 15 emergency ones that will have to be rectified before the now-shuttered address can reopen. Student tenants were supposed to move in today, in fact.

Had they moved in, these students would have discovered "more than just the usual" in terms of problems, Inspectional Services Department Commissioner Buddy Christoper told the Herald's Donna Goodison. The building had active rat tunnels as well as missing window screens, leaking ceilings, nonworking smoke detectors, and a pesky urine smell in the "chronically damp" carpeting. Building manager Boston Management Group is working with the city to fix the situation at 74 Chester. Stay tuned or stay in a hotel.
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