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Egleston Square Gentrification; Students Ignore Boston Rule

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JAMAICA PLAIN/ROXBURY—Some locals see the developments as harbingers of the sort of gentrification that will push them out: "A Boston Redevelopment Authority map shows seven separate housing developments on the horizon for Washington Street. 3200 Washington Street (rendered), which won BRA approval at last month's board meeting, is the first of several mixed-use buildings — some with a few dozen apartments, some with more than 200 — likely to appear in the years ahead." [WBUR]
BOSTON—Students are breaking the rule like mad: "In the city of Boston, there's a zoning ordinance — clear as day — that says that no more than four undergraduate students can live in the same off-campus house or apartment. And yet, as you might expect, it happens all the time — and it can have a significant impact on the surrounding neighborhood." [WGBH]