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Rents on New Melrose Apartments; Rules for Harvard Yard

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MELROSE—So how much do brand-new apartments 10 miles north of Boston go for nowadays? Let's check in with the 94 units of 2 Washington Street in Melrose: "There are 49 one-bedroom apartments, between 750 and 950 square feet with rents ranging­ from $2,395 to $2,550. The 45 two-bedrooms, from 1,100 to 1,300 square feet, are leasing from $2,995 to $3,365 a month." [Herald]
MID-CAMBRIDGE—Harvard is tired of tourists photographing its undergrads in their natural habitat and has now told them so: "The signs include several rules, including one explicitly stating that holding cameras up to dorm windows and taking photos of the budding scholars inside is prohibited. The buildings in the Yard include freshman dorms, classroom buildings, libraries, and offices. [Globe]