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319 A Street: When $700K For a Hub 1-BR Is Not Too Much

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Boston Residential Group, the developer that brought you the Frank Gehry-designed 360 Newbury Street in Back Bay, is finishing up carving 48 condos out of an old office building at 319 A Street in Boston's hot-to-the-touch Fort Point. It will likely not be move-in ready until the summer, but we have a better sense than ever now of how much spreads there will cost.

Several units from 319 A Street have dropped on the sales market and all look to be asking around or just over $1,000 a square foot. Not an astronomical sum for downtown Boston, but not something to sneeze at either.

Typical for the studios is Unit 407, a 572-square-footer asking $604,000. It includes one garaged parking space. It includes the option to rent a garaged parking space. The most expensive of the 1-BRs that we see so far appears to be Unit 302, a 734-square-foot spread asking $706,000—or $961 a foot. Lest you think that that is a tad steep for a room (and a parking space) in Fort Point, know this: Unit 302 is under contract already.
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Update 7:24 a.m. Sept. 16: This item was corrected to reflect that Unit 302 is a 1-BR, not a studio.

360 Newbury Street

360 Newbury Street, Boston, MA