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Millennium Tower's Crane Now Boston's Tallest Structure Ever

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It was bound to happen and it has: the massive crane in use for the under-construction Millennium Tower that may or may not (maybe) transform Downtown Crossing forever is now the tallest structure in Boston history. It reached 885 feet over the weekend (though the tower itself will stretch to around 690). Above is a stomach-swirling shot via the Facebook of the Downtown Boston BID. There's also some big, big news re: the tower's construction schedule.

Millennium Tower is expected to mark its topping off in the middle of this month. It is due to open next year and sales are already very much under way.
Update Sept. 2 9:49 a.m.: A reader notes that the Pru's antenna reaches 907 feet. So it depends on how you define "structure." We're not counting antennae, though we get the, um, point.
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Millennium Tower

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