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New Dewey Square Mural Is Up and the Debate Has Begun

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Above is a handy YouTube upload from the Globe re: the new Dewey Square mural that conceptual-art pioneer Lawrence Weiner created. Lucas Cowan, Rose Kennedy Greenway curator, narrates the conceit behind the installation.

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According to the Greenway, the words on the 70-by-76-foot-high mural across from South Station "are immediately contextualized by their surroundings and are poised to be interpreted by each person of every generation who passes through Dewey Square Park." Naturally, then, and not accidentally, pretty much everyone is seeing something different. As the Globe's Malcolm Gay puts it, Weiner's creation "is just words, a playful Tower of Babel in blue and orange." Care to take a stab? There's an official unveiling this Thursday.
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Dewey Square

Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA