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One of Somerville's Biggest Sales Ever: 8 Westwood Road

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The 10-room Elbridge Newton House at 8 Westwood Road in Somerville dropped on the market in early June for $1,398,000. The tag for the Queen Anne, which includes two fireplaces and a whopping 15 stained-glass windows, not to mention parking in the driveway and the garage, quickly came down by a cool $100K to $1,298,000, where it road out the summer. Now a deal for 8 Westwood and its turret has closed—and the final price makes the house one Somerville's biggest residential real estate trades ever.
In the end, the house traded for $1,363,000. That makes it by our back-of-the-envelop calculations one of the five biggest home sales ever in Somerville, though not the priciest.
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