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Just What Is That On the Side of 200 Clarendon Now?

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It appeared slowly and enigmatically throughout the day Wednesday: a giant image between the 44th and 50th floors of the west-facing side of 200 Clarendon, New England's tallest building, which was until recently known as the John Hancock Tower. Social media, Twitter in particular, exploded. What was it? And why was it there?

First things first: It's a photo mural, set up to contrast ever so starkly against the tower's glassy face. Second, the artist behind it will be revealed in the coming days. And, finally, according to Steve Annear and Tim Logan at the Globe, the mural is the final piece of temporary public art that 200 Clarendon landlord Boston Properties is installing. As for what it is... well, it looks like a man. Vladimir Putin at the beach? Other ideas? Stay tuned.
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