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LEGO Education HQ to Boston; M.I.T. Pushed on Kendall Traffic

KENDALL SQUARE—Cambridge wants the university to do something about this: "MIT's proposed redevelopment promises to transform stale parking lots along Main Street into six buildings full of office, retail, research, and living space, with a lively streetscape below. But the project would also generate more than 5,800 vehicle trips and 7,500 transit trips each day, according to a 200-plus-page transportation study commissioned by MIT." [Globe]
BOSTON—We're sure the excitement is already building (heh): "Mayor Marty Walsh on Thursday confirmed that LEGO Education North America will move its headquarters from Kansas to Boston, adding 75 jobs to the area. ... LEGO Education is a a subset of the LEGO Group that specializes in creating learning solutions for preschools and classroom ..." []


Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA