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There's Apparently a 'New York-Style' Co-op in Back Bay

The listing for Unit 2A at 301 Berkeley Street in Back Bay assures prospective buyers that they would be buying into an "exquisite New York-style cooperative residence." We think we know what it means (we used to live in Gotham in the old days): a doorman-infused, pre-war beaut wherein people own shares, not necessarily property. The building is just that, a rare thing in a Boston of condos, single-families and triple-deckers. As for Unit 2A specifically, it's got 10-foot ceilings and 10 windows; and then two of pretty much everything else: two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two fireplaces. As for the price, that's seven. The 1,785-square-foot Unit 2A is new to the market for a cool $2,250,000.
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