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Kendall Square Holding Its Own as Priciest Hub Area for 1-BRs

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Real estate research site Zumper is out with its latest monthly rental report, which includes the Greater Boston market. The data is based on all Zumper-tracked homes either available for rent or vacant in August, so it's a decent snapshot of the rents out there. To no one's surprise, Cambridge's busy, busy Kendall Square and downtown Boston are the priciest areas to rent a 1-BR and a 2-BR, respectively (click to enlarge the above chart). Other pricey areas during this, the busiest leasing time of the year, include Cambridgeport, Back Bay and the D Street corridor through Southie.

Nationally, the Greater Boston region is the third-priciest for renting a 1-BR and sixth-priciest for renting a 2-BR. Yay? See above.
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