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Deals Already at Unfinished South End Church Conversion

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It was not even two weeks ago that we learned the asking prices and the name of the church conversion at 136 Shawmut Avenue in the South End (we also got a first-time peek at the interior renderings). Said conversion has proven to be one of the most controversial projects in Boston in a while, with many lamenting the transfiguration of the old Holy Trinity German Catholic Church and rectory into 33 luxury condos and others having no problem with it given Boston's chronic housing shortage. Well, now we know just how much demand there is for these controversial condos, which are not even near finished: a lot.

At least three condos at the recently christened Lucas are under contract now:
· an 838-square-foot 1-BR asking $625,000
· a 652-square-foot 1-BR asking $550,000
· a 2,625-square-foot 3-BR asking $3,500,000
More as they come in as well as (of course) the closing prices. The Lucas is scheduled to open next winter, as in a year from now, making these trades all the more startling. Right?
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