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More On the Significant Shrinkage at Dorchester's Dot Block

There are more details about the curtailment of what was once going to be one of the more significant developments in Boston, Dorchester's Dot Block (a.k.a. DotBlock). Recall that it was supposed to unfold over more than 10 buildings along Dot Ave as well as include around 420 apartments and condos plus 73,000 square feet of retail. Then the developers ran into problems buying some of the parcels for the 4.75-acre project (read: the parcels' sellers backed out) and that led to shrinkage, including the lopping off of six apartments as well as rumors that the entire shebang was on indefinite hold.

It now turns out that the apartments chops isn't the half of it. The biggest cut from the proposed Dot Block is in its retail component: That has now been dropped from the approximately 73,000 square feet to around 40,000. The entire project's proposed footprint is now down to 3.95 acres from 4.75, and it hasn't even really started moving. Stay tuned.
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