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Boston Mayor Accepts More Freebies From Fan Pier Developer

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News broke in early August that Boston Mayor Marty Walsh used countertops and cabinets salvaged from one of the projects of Joseph Fallon, the developer perhaps best-known for the ongoing Fan Pier project, to renovate the kitchen near his City Hall office. Such a move turned out to be a no-no under state law: Hizzoner needed City Council approval to accept such freebies and needed to disclose them as well. He has since done both. However! Now comes word that the swag from Fallon did not stop at mere countertops. Oh, no.

Andrew Ryan at the Globe is all over it like mold in a shared office fridge: It turns out Fallon "also gave Walsh a small truckload of office furniture that is being used by staff members in the mayor's suite at City Hall. The donation included 10 chairs, two desks, two file cabinets, and a conference table, according to a city spokeswoman, Bonnie McGilpin. The used office furniture is worth about $2,000, McGilpin said. It's in addition to the $1,000 worth of materials Fallon gave to renovate a small kitchen outside the mayor's office."

Walsh has rejected any suggestion that Fallon's donations will somehow curry favor in City Hall. And his administration assures everyone that the furniture, the countertops and the cabinets are definitely, totally, without a doubt the only freebies involved.
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